Music Video / Fake Video Game Short.
Wanted to do a complex action scene to practice directing bigger set pieces.
Ended up also doing the effects, and creating two fake game companies with their "splash screens" at the beginning. Those are all generated, from scratch, in After Effects without any footage used.
Roles: Directing, Armorer, Editing, Color, VFX
Resolve 16 + Adobe Creative Cloud's Premiere Pro / After Effects
Video game parody of first person shooters.
Roles: Writing, Directing, Armorer, Wardrobe
Short experimental narrative film.
Roles: Directing, Cinematography, Editing, VFX
Short experimental film.
Roles: Directing, Cinematography, Editing
Music video for Philadelphia band.
Roles: Producing, Directing
Premiered on Stereogum; Over 200k views.
Short Film.
Roles: Directing
Music video for a friend.
Roles: Directing
Music video.
Roles: Directing
Stock footage contest in 2017.
Roles: Directing, Editing, VFX
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