I still think PSM was a miracle while it lasted. A community driven facet of the Vaporwave genre of music, this online and Bi-Monthly Patreon Supported Magazine would cover a theme of content each issue.

Despite never managing to snag the official "Video Lead", I made a lot of content on my own for them. A lot of self motivation went into the magazine, which was perpetuated by a dedicated group of volunteers who shipped the issues at cost.


The website for it is down, for good. Here's what I did there.


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PSM ISSUE #6 Cover

Events and Interviews

Shot a few music festivals right before the pandemic. Was camera op for a lot of vaporwave interviews at PSM

Full Playlist on YouTube

Motion Graphics

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Magazine Issue Trailers

Full Playlist on YouTube

W A V E S: Livestream Title Cards and Trailer

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