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Working for Colourlab was a really rewarding experience. They're a startup that is attempting to revolutionize the market by bringing superior machine learning technology to DI Colorist work.

In practice, you sync it with Resolve and it can try to match shots for you. They're still adding other NLE's, and Dado has two plugins for purchase as well. Look Designer does film emulation, and GrainLab adds texture.

Dado hired me as a Community Manager, which work consisted of:

  • Responding to Support Requests
  • Hosting Zoom Calls and Editing Them
  • Editing Video Trailers and YouTube Content
  • Motion Design for Titles
  • Creating Social Media Content
  • Managing the Discord Community and Server

Dado also does courses for aspiring colorists through Colour.Training, and I would do the same tasks for it as well.

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